Why You Need Us Instead

It’s sometimes said that a paid editor is like a paid therapist. But let’s be honest: both a paid editor and a paid therapist are actually a lot like paid hookers.

Don’t be shocked. Just consider:

Each takes on the extremely delicate job of examining our most intimate natures and then, if all goes well, making the best of them.

Yes there is embarrassment and even a slight dip in self-esteem paying for something you always assumed you could get for free. And yes it’s true: there will be no cuddling with our editors after the fact.

But then again, in the end, who needs to really know about your little indiscretion? No one, that’s who. And, as we will argue below, editing is never, ever about cuddling.

Now consider the upside…

As a writer with something to say, you will be spending money for something that you actually desperately want and so rarely get: to finally have your writing be seriously read, not just rejected out of hand by a bored assistant editor. Your words will be paid careful attention to by an expert in the field who will provide you with detailed tips and advice – and yes they’re doing it for a fee.

And finally let’s consider that hooker analogy one last time. None of us here at getanedit.com feel particularly ashamed or creepy to employ such a metaphor to describe our work. For one thing, of course, we’re not actually trading sex for money.

But we’re also not doing something else: which is making promises we won’t keep. We are here to help you be the best you can but at the end of the day, we’re not going to promise you we can help get you a book deal or an agent or that we’ll marry you or become your personal sex poodle.

We do have a motive for what we do besides money, however. We believe that the publishing business is seriously out of whack in this country. At a time of unprecedented demand, and a time when new technologies for delivering the written word in all forms to consumers around the globe a handful of book and magazine distribution companies still hold way too much sway and continue to stifle creativity out of sheer greed. It’s simply too difficult for writers of talent to get their work noticed. We’d like to see that change.

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